How to make global decision makers burn for you.

In the high stakes, multi-billion dollar cement industry, global decision makers look to invest in burner systems that provide a competitive edge.


Our positioning and international campaigning for FCT Combustion resulted in an enormous number of new enquiries, accelerating their drive into the North American market.

"The campaigns delivered by Mihell & Lycos have captured the interest and engagement of international decision makers. We don't see the work as just advertising, but as a way to skilfully motivate potential buyers not just take notice, but take action also."



Managing Director, FCT International

A new website that delivered a winning global strategy.

“The management team and engineers are delighted with the new website. Our products and services are very technical and very niched. The team at Mihell & Lycos continually demonstrated genuine hunger to learn deep insights about what we do. They then took a next step, producing the why we do what we do. I can’t imagine how difficult that must have been for people who have never worked in our industry."



Managing Director, FCT International


Mihell & Lycos is an international marketing communications agency, with offices in Adelaide, Australia and Stockholm, Sweden. Our clients (a.k.a. co-conspirators) and their operations demand our world class marketing communications expertise in this world of accelerating change. We ensure our co-conspirators are the disruptors, not the disrupted.


If you have the ambition to become or remain globally competitive, then let’s conspire for prosperity's sake.

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