How to get an ordinarily disinterested audience to beat down the door.


Create a series of national events to help Seeley International gain new relationships with high level specifying engineers, and to secure their current relationships. Specifying engineers are a critical part of the sales process, because they are the people who determine what Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) products get installed into major buildings.


The nominated theme from Seeley International engineers was: ‘Energy Efficiency & Commercial HVAC Design – current & future developments and its effect on commercial HVAC design in Australia’.


  • Engage with specifying engineers who normally work with the ‘big boys,’ global multinationals with large resources for marketing
  • Create the right type of event with an experience that specifying engineers would find irresistible
  • Execute a communications campaign that would succeed against larger competitors
  • Change the nominated theme!


We produced ideas for a series of national events that met different needs of the market. The common thread was to provide ‘hard to get’ experiences and knowledge, which the market would find valuable. The common rule was, if you can get it easily from internet, then forget it. This thinking created a series of valuable and highly desirable events that the market flocked to.

We also managed to change the theme to something more marketable, ‘Stay ahead of the HVAC curve.’

To deliver on this promise for the symposium, the three influential industry speakers from the USA and Australia offered content not available via the internet – ‘new thinking, new opportunities, new high value experiences’ – and participated in a panel discussion. The seminars were also beefed up to be more than a sales pitch.

Additionally, to encourage attendance, we recommended applying to Engineers Australia and AIRAH for the seminars to be recognised as continuing professional development.

A highly targeted communications campaign drove registrations to both events. A personalised letter and event flyer was mailed to the high calibre prospects. This personal invitation from Jon Seeley, the Group Managing Director, was accompanied by a symposium flyer.

The general consulting engineers were reached through a combination of emails (using Seeley International’s database) and Linked In sponsored content. Each of these led to a landing page with a link for bookings.

An online booking platform was used to enable self-managed bookings for the seminars. This allowed Seeley International to minimise their time spent on this and also access real-time information on booking numbers.

Video of the symposium was captured so that edited highlights could be released as part of an ongoing marketing campaign through digital channels, with a shorter version made available as a tool for the sales team.

The post-event email, to those on the database who didn’t attend the event, offered a download of the presentation and an opportunity to book a Lunch and Learn session for their team with an HVAC sales engineer. This gave Seeley International an opportunity to make contact with each company’s team of specifying engineers.


The Linked In campaign was planned to run for the four weeks leading up to the seminars. However, with the seminars quickly filling up beyond their planned numbers, advertising ceased much earlier.

Industry average



The highly targeted ads received a clickthrough rate 36 times the industry average, while engagement was almost 19 times industry average. The landing page itself received 650 unique page views.

Seeley International were hopeful for 10-15 attendees in each state or 75 overall; they had exactly double with more than 90% of registrations occurring in the first three days.

Target set

Actual Registrations

The post-event email open rates were 50.25%. This lead to 87 downloads of the presentations. Seven companies booked Lunch and Learn sessions in the first weeks after the event – putting Seeley International well on their way to achieving their target of 12 events within 9 months.

Stuart Greenwood, Marketing Manager, Commercial at Seeley International had this to say:

The program was very successful in terms of:

• Engaging with our existing customers
• Showcasing Climate Wizard to a new audience, increasing awareness of its capability and demonstrating it is a mainstream technology, widely used in commercial projects
• Capturing new customers and starting to build on those relationships, activating a new project revenue pipeline.


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