How to globalise local companies and generate prosperity for an entire economy

We inspired a movement of South Australian companies to achieve a rare thing in Australia: to collaborate, something that historically has never really happened. By presenting a clear mission to generate more prosperity for the economy by helping to globalise local companies, South Australia's business elite took over. A mentoring program was born to not only recognise the best companies with impact, but to also actively accelerate their growth, to provide high-value jobs and benefit all South Australians.

"You'll find that the Impact Awards will encourage new innovation here in South Australia, and start to build a cultural difference.”



Former Premier of South Australia


Mihell & Lycos is an international marketing communications agency, with offices in Adelaide, Australia and Stockholm, Sweden. Our clients (a.k.a. co-conspirators) and their operations demand our world class marketing communications expertise in this world of accelerating change. We ensure our co-conspirators are the disruptors, not the disrupted.


If you have the ambition to become or remain globally competitive, then let’s conspire for prosperity's sake.

47 Harrow Road, St Peters, South Australia

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Humlegårdsgatan 20, Stockholm, Sweden

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