Tour the Unicorn Factory

- Stockholm, Sweden 2019

 If you are a founder, CEO or technology leader, the Unicorn Factory Tour is the place where you’ll pick up new connections, technologies and business models to fire up your billion dollar journey.

Discover how the city of Stockholm churns out billion dollar start-ups

A city of 800,000 inhabitants produces more billion-dollar tech companies than any other European city, beating metropolises, such as London and Berlin. In fact only Silicon Valley is more prolific.


Interested in taking the tour?

There’s a number of theories, but the best way to discover is to come and take a tour of the Unicorn Factory yourself and meet the people, companies and technologies. You will also learn about the systems that make Stockholm one of the most thrilling cities for tech companies on the planet.


On the tour you will connect with business leaders, venture capitalists, government authorities, researchers and start-ups. You will also get to see first hand the giants behind the world’s leading ICT and digital infrastructure.


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Fast facts about the Unicorn Factory

22,000 technology companies

In 14 years 263 exits, totalling $23.7 billion

15 percent attraction of tech investment for EU